The Latest Portrait



Here’s the latest version of Buddy-boy’s portrait. Black animals can be difficult, but I’ve had a lot of practice with the number of black cats who’ve shared my life. Here Buddy is in the shadow and in the original photo looks inky black with just hints of highlight. I’ve worked them out here and there, but he keeps ending up looking too shiny, almost plastic. Oh, well, at least the background has worked out well, and the highlights in that give guidance for the ones on Buddy! Still, I love this portrait because it’s so typical of a dog in his backyard, but it’s so special that someone wants to capture that silly moment.

4 Comments on “The Latest Portrait”

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  2. Dom says:

    Your guys are really enjoying the new bathroom.
    Looking good
    See you soon

  3. Marsha Burnett says:

    It’s looking good!

  4. Jan says:

    I’m Buddy’s Mom & Bernadette it way too hard on herself. It sure doesn’t look too shiny to me-just perfect. He has a very sleek coat.
    I think the portrait is beautiful & tells the tale of our rambunctious pet! Bernadette’s great imagination moved us to request this pose. We can hardly wait to get the finished product.
    A portrait of our “Monster” cat, painted by Bernadette, over 10 years ago, also tells a story. …which is “Honest Tibbe, I won’t touch you”. EVery time I look at the portrait, it brings back fond memories of our big and tough Himalyan.

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