Everybody In the Tub

Family Portrait Before the Tub

Family Portrait Before the Tub

The new bathroom is almost completed, and it’s really deluxe, white and mint green and bright with a new slightly larger window. Of course, Mimi’s Children must try out everything new, and they’ve been involved in the bathroom remodel from the beginning even when they were locked in my bedroom for their own good. Today is the first day the bathroom is complete enough to feel “real”, especially to me, because the tub and shower are done and the floor is down, though there are still a lot of details to take care of, and Mr. Sunshine, Mewsette and Jelly Bean (back to front) feel it’s time to have a little ceremonial photo taken.

Everybody In the Pool

Everybody In the Pool

The bathroom is their favorite room, though, because they practically began their life in there–I moved them into the bathroom when they were just about three weeks old so they learned to walk and play and climb and destroy in that room; playing in the tub is a favorite activity, even as adults. Here their mom, Mimi, actually joined them; there really are five black cats in the tub, even though one is represented only by a bit of a tail.

5 Comments on “Everybody In the Tub”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Your bathroom looks beautiful! The cats, of course, embellish the scene, with their striking black fur.

  2. Diane R says:

    Great shots…Donna’s cat Stanley loves to have the water on so he can bathe

  3. Maggie says:

    Though I’ve never owned one as an adult, I grew up with black cats and always believed they held a special place in feline hierarchy. (Fortunately, Mister Peach doesn’t blog….)

    My favorites shots are the slightly startled Musette peering of the edge of the tub, and the elegant trio posing for the family portrait. They have regal down pat!

  4. So cute….makes me want to get another cat. I only have three. Love the black & white photos.


  5. 3rdstreetyoga says:

    Loving the black cats in the tub, Bernadette.
    I can bring Larry cat to join the black cat club! He loves the bathtub tool

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