Congratulations to Mewsette on Her New Column

Mewsette's 10 Best Uses for the Bathtub

Mewsette offers hints and advice for getting the most out of your bathtub.

Mewsette is a clever and creative girl, but very practical. As a kitten her nickname was “Dora the Explorer” as she was the first to get onto and into everything, as she removed all the tissues from the box and used it as a fort from which to attack her brothers, and later as she carefully explored the entire house, returning with cobwebs on her face; her brothers never had cobwebs on their faces, so I presume Mewsette was honestly exploring while her brothers were only hanging out somewhere waiting for her report.

So Mewsette has grown into an intelligent and reliable lady, though still no less active and creative, and she’d like to combine her best talents and share her conclusions with interested readers. She has demonstrated to me that her hints and advice for bathtub use ought to be published, but with big round fuzzy paws like Mewsette’s, typing is nearly impossible, not to mention editing photos. I am proud of Mewsette’s creative effort and only too happy to assist in getting her word out to the general public. Taking dictation from your cat? Don’t all we feline caretakers do that all day long?

Please join me in congratulating Mewsette on her accomplishment, and enjoy the first installment of “Mewsette’s 10 Best Uses for the Bathtub”, below.

2 Comments on “Congratulations to Mewsette on Her New Column”

  1. cosmicmango says:

    Congratulations, Mewsette!

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