Kitty Fingers

Giuseppe Stretches up the Wall

Giuseppe Stretches up the Wall

Read my blog entry—on another blog?! I’ve written a little “snippet” about how cats use their claws…

I’ve been working with My Three Cats & Co., Inc. for a little over 10 years in design, writing and marketing. When they added the shopping cart functionality I left their page design to someone else and now I just write articles and design print and electronic advertisements, which is really the fun part, anyway! They just set up a blog, so I’m going to send you there to read my entries at Bogey’s Blog Sphere and to check out their site, You may want to be prepared to do some shopping because they carry some choice tidbits for both cats and their people. I don’t let my kitties look when I visit the site because they’ll want every toy they see!

Make sure you check out “Cat Chat”, too, a catalog of four years’ worth of articles I’ve written for

I’ve also placed the URL for their blog at the bottom of the right-hand column on my blog, as well as the addresses to others’ blogs you might find interesting. Happy reading!

My Valentines

Heart-shaped Cats

Heart-shaped Cats

Brother and sister Mr. Sunshine and Ms. Mewsette cuddle on the crumpled bathroom rug, arms about each other and tails entwined. Honestly, I couldn’t have posed this, but it will certainly be a piece of artwork in the future!

Cookie’s nose making a cold, wet dot on my wrist as she exudes happiness. Namir swatting my elbow so I’ll come close enough for him to tuck his paw in my hand while he gazes up at me. Jelly Bean sitting next to me loudly purring and blinking his eyes in bliss. Kelly talking her way through her upward-downward cat postures when I enter the room. These are my valentines, and then some. How could I miss that I am adored?And they don’t need a special day to let me know about  it.

I didn’t take this photo on Valentine’s Day, but close enough; I just wish the light had been a little better. However, the greatest Valentine’s gift my cats give me is the constant inspiration of their activities and personalities.

Thanks, everyone! It was a great Valentine’s Day!