A New Portrait: Lassie

Portrait of Lassie, first proof.

Portrait of Lassie, first proof.

A very special collie, I can see by her photos, and with her mom for 15 years, Lassie will have her portrait done.

Lassie’s mom decided to have a scenic background in the portrait, and since they  both enjoyed visiting parks and trails I began with autumn backgrounds; colorful and familiar, they are very popular in canine portraits.

However, Lassie kept blending into the background colors because her fur is primarily amber to brown, the same as the leaves we see, so I chose a late summer background of a rocky little stream and a row of trees in the background. The deep green of late summer shows off her fur to perfection. There is also a tree in the near background, but I need to get a little more detail on Lassie so that I can find the best placement for the tree so it won’t be distracting.

I’ll be posting images as I work, then the final when it’s done.