Winn Feline Health Foundation 2009 Grants

The Winn Feline Foundation “is a non-profit organization established in 1968 that supports studies about cat health. Projects funded by Winn have provided information that is used every day in veterinary medicine to treat cat diseases.”

This year’s grant-funded studies include feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or feline HCM, and feline infectious peritonitis, or FIP, as well as ten other health issues. Visit the Winn Feline Health website for more information about these studies and other past studies whose findings are used in veterinary medicine today at, or go straight to the press release about this year’s grants at  

And while you are there, along with a donation to Winn, you can nominate your veterianarian to the Veterinary Honor Roll at

Lassie’s Portrait is Moving Along!

Lassie's thrid proof.

Lassie's third proof.

Now that I found the right shade of dark green, the background looks much more complete; note that in yesterday’s proof the background was only complete halfway across, but now the entire thing looks done.

Lassie needs to be toned into the background now that its tones are pretty much in place. The darker grass around her keeps photographing darker yet; I’m using my smaller digital and it tends to enhance contrasts, so it’s making her a little lighter and the grass a little darker. Her mid-range tones are there, but she needs to have shadows on her legs and the shadows within her fur completed, then the highlights.

Lassie's face in detail.

Lassie's face in detail.

And now that her tones are nearly correct, I think her expression, the perk of her ears and the tilt of her head are that much more clear as well—I just love that head tilt, and I feel like she’s speaking to me when I look at her.