Senior Pet Adoption Donation Program

Peaches and Peonies, pastel, 2008

Peaches and Peonies, pastel, 2008

I pledge to support the senior adoption programs at shelters by making a donation of $25.00 from the sale of every full-size print to the shelter of the purchaser’s choice.

Peaches came to my home at age 15, and despite my efforts to place her in a new home, she ended up staying with me. Most prospective adopters were concerned that Peaches was older and might not live long, but my point was that Peaches needed a home no matter what age she was. At the time this painting was done, she’d been with me three years, her petite prettiness, pleasant personality and simple friendliness providing much joy for me, and she’s a big favorite of most visitors to my home. And then, she’s also the subject of not only this painting, but several other paintings and sketches as well as photographs, so in three years she’s provided a good bit of inspiration, not to mention wake-up duties and not-so-gentle reminders about it being dinnertime.

Peaches came to be homeless because her owner died; she was nearly euthanized because no one could figure out what to do with her, not wanting to take her to a shelter. Often, older pets come from situations like this, or where the owner has to enter the hospital or a care home, and no one can take the animal left behind. They are euthanized by the family or end up in shelters and are most often passed by, even though a “seasoned” pet usually makes the best companion.

Three years or three decades or three weeks, every adoptable animal like Peaches deserves a good and loving home.

The 16″ x 23″ giclée prints are printed on heavyweight acid-free archival paper, each signed by me, the artist. You pay me $125.00, and you’ll make a check out to the senior pet adoption program of your choice for $25.00, that way you can track it as a donation (and I don’t pay sales tax on $25.00). Standard framing is available for an extra $300.00, custom framing is available for an estimate.

Especially now, during Adopt-a-Cat month, consider helping those who are most vulnerable.

3 Comments on “Senior Pet Adoption Donation Program”

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  2. […] And she is the subject of one of my favorite works, “Peaches and Peonies”, which shows the moment I understood how important Peaches had become in my life. It was then that I realized how often I looked at her, how much I loved both her sweet self-centeredness and her natural curiosity and affection for me, how I studied her features, and how much this scene was what I felt was the essence of Peaches. I have dedicated a portion of the sales of prints of this piece to support adoption programs for senior pets through my “Senior Pet Adoption Program“. […]

  3. […] last year; I Follow My Cats Around With a Sketchpad, showing a little painting of Peaches;  and Senior Pet Adoption Program, showing one of my favorite paintings of Peaches, and an offer to donate to a senior pet adoption […]

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