A Pile of Cats

Four on the Bed

Four on the Bed

How many cats are in this photo? It’s the Fantastic Four, all heaped together on the first cool day of late summer/early autumn, upstairs on the bed where the sun creeps in during the afternoon. Mimi’s children are two now, but still play, sleep and bathe together as they did when they were kittens.

3 Comments on “A Pile of Cats”

  1. randomique says:

    I’m lifeless, what can I say?

    I don’t know any other way to find interesting blogs than clicking on the most recent posts. You got lucky to get my attention 😛

    I guess it would save time if you just called them all “cat”. Or cat1 cat2 cat3.
    I once had a cat and I named her Kat and I thought I was being very original.
    I wasn’t 5, I was 19.
    I’m still infantile.

  2. animalartist says:

    Wow, I just posted this–how did you find it so fast?! One of them has white spots on chest and belly, and because I’ve known and studied them since they were born I look for their most unique details–shape of ears, length of tail, texture of fur. I can still get them confused, but as long as they can still climb all over me they don’t care what name I call them.

  3. randomique says:

    Very canihasacheezburger appropriate! How do you tell them apart anyways?!

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