The Goddess Woven Cotton Blanket

I have plenty of merchandise created from my paintings and photographs of my cats, and since it’s the holiday season I’ll feature a few unique things here with links to my website and my marketplace.

The Goddess, 36″ x 50″ woven cotton blanket

The Goddess woven cotton blanket

The Goddess woven cotton blanket

I only have ONE of these blankets left! It features my star tortoiseshell kitty, Cookie, who just knows she’s beautiful! It’s big enough to curl up on the couch with your kitty.

I found the manufacturer this fall and made small orders of four designs, but they’ve all been popular. The manufacturer digitizes my artwork and weaves it into a tapestry. They are made in the USA of USA-grown cotton, and it’s especially gratifying to me to be able to help ensure the employment of the people who make these and all the supporting industries!

The blanket ships with a zippered plastic storage bag. I sell this blanket for $50.00 through the Marketplace on my website, and you can also check my Portraits of Animals Marketplace blog for more information and updates on what’s new, specials and discounts.

…but they found a good place to sleep…

Five black cats sleeping in a heap

A 3-D Five-Cat Puzzle

…so we’re not moving. All FIVE of the family, including mom this time, took a nap while I was trying to figure out the new blog system and lost interest in moving. They just can’t understand why mom spend so much time staring at the computer and saying bad words—just when they’ve completely cuddled and dropped back to sleep, she makes some loud remark that wakes everyone up and they all have to mill around and settle down again. It takes time to fit five cats together like that! Stay tuned.

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