Farewell to Fay, and Someday Farewell to Dogfighting

A few weeks ago, the HSUS posted a story about one of the dogs rescued in raids which broke up a huge dogfighting ring in the Midwest.

At first glance, the bared teeth in Fay’s photo looked as if she was on the attack, as a recent fighting dog might be. At second glance, it looked like a big dog smile because Fay’s demeanor was hardly that of a angry dog.

At third glance, I suddenly noticed something was terribly wrong with Fay’s face. The bared teeth were not intentional but involuntary as I saw that her entire muzzle was misshapen. Reading the brief synopsis, it seemed that her lips had been…removed.

I’ve seen and known former fighting dogs, especially pit bulls and mixes. I also know what a dog’s teeth are meant to do and capable of doing in its wild state—to puncture and tear flesh in order to kill prey, then to dismember it with the same teeth. I’ve always tried not to imagine these teeth buried deep into another dog’s lovely shiny nose or the soft droopy skin most dogs have around their lips.
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