The Lost Sketchbook, Cookie Not Greeting the Day

pencil sketch of cat sleeping on her back

Cookie Doesn't Want to Wake Up

Apparently, Cookie was a hot subject all through this sketchbook. Actually, Cookie is always with me, no matter what I do, because I am her responsibility, and to make it look as if she’s not really following me she simply appears in the room where I’ve gone and performs some feline activity as if she meant to do that all along. She’s the subject of a lot of photos too, for the same reason.

This one is just a light sketch because I believe it’s drawn mostly from memory. Cookie used to sleep on her back in the place of honor, right next to me, between me and the edge of the bed where I would see her first when I awoke. When she would stretch, then curl her toes and draw in her hind feet, she would also curl her front paws and draw them in to her face. I’m not sure why she doesn’t sleep on her back anymore, but perhaps it’s difficult to get out of at the age of 17!

Of course, capturing this sketch would have been planned, knowing Cookie would be sleeping on her back when I awakened, and my stirring would cause her to stretch and curl her paws. When I would have moved to get my sketchbook, she would have been curious, so I would have had a very limited time to catch her in this position. I know I intended to keep the sketchbook by the bed in order to catch her again, thinking I hadn’t caught enough of the details of her position, but I probably forgot, and this is as far as I got.

That’s okay! It’s too bad that lighter pencil lines are difficult to reproduce because there’s actually more detail than can be seen in the scan unless you look really close.

As with the other sketches, this one is for sale, matted and framed. I used to regret letting my sketches go, but I’ve grown to love the thought of sharing my kitties. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail.

The Lost Sketchbook, Cookie Again

pencil sketch of cat sitting sideways

Cookie Sitting, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

I knew I had a few sketches of Cookie and until I found this sketchbook I wondered where they had gone. She appeared before now and will appear again tomorrow.

These are on the next two pages in the book, the more detailed one first, then the simple outline. I think I was in the mood for the detailed style, I can tell by my lines and how much detail I’ve worked into her markings, especially the sure, straight lines of shadow around her; I can actually feel the certainty in my hands while I look at the sketches. The sketch in simple outline is a build from the style of Nikka, which may have been weeks or even months before this, but I probably flipped through the pages.

Here she is mid-bath, sitting in her somewhat roly-poly position where it’s easiest to get her belly. I’ve got more of her markings than in other sketches and I may have rendered some of them from memory, but because another version of her in the same position appears on the next page, likely I was working quickly and Cookie was holding more or less the same position for several minutes.

Nearly all of the first sketch is drawn with the side of the pencil, where nearly all of the second sketch is drawn with the point of the pencil. Pencil is so expressive: as I said above that I can feel the certainty in my hands while I am looking at these sketches, and I can see the next place I would have gone if I had had the time that morning, using the pencil as a brush stroke, pulling it along the paper, letting the varied line form from the tip.

pencil sketch of cat sitting sideways

Cookie Outline, pencil © B.E. Kazmarski

Can’t Break This Heart!

Hearrt Attack Catnip Heart

Hearrrt Attack Catnip Heart

When our cats will play with scraps of paper and chase their own tails I often wonder at the sense of purchasing toys for them. Watching them with a catnip toy is worth it, though! I also appreciate good craftsmanship and a toy that reflects a deep understanding of feline sensibilities and perceptions., with Bogey as Chairpurr-son, is the longest-standing customer of my business for design and writing and also a business I patronize for goodies for the kids because the selection of toys, treats, furniture and more is so carefully assembled for quality, price and environmental/cultural awareness.

They carry Ducky World catnip toys, and this set of Hearrrt Attack catnip toys is one of the favorites in this household—aside from the fact that they are apparently filled with really good…stuff, I think they are also just the right size for a good round of pouncing, biting, licking, kicking and tossing.  And if red is indeed one of the colors cats can see, this would be hard to miss.

Aside from my cats’ appreciation of these toys, I am thrilled with their craftsmanship. Of the nine cats living with me now, only Peaches does not play with toys though she does rub her face on catnip toys left on the floor, but that leaves eight cats kicking the crap out of any given toy and I’ve never seen a Ducky World toy so much as burst a thread. And while cat toys are also designed with humans in mind, this set of hearts says “happy kitty”, “can’t break this heart” and best of all “lick me, bite me, bunnykick me”—they really understand kitty behavior!

catnip hearts toy ad

animated ad I designed for My Three Cats & Co., Inc.

Our friends at have a special on these toys for Valentine’s Day—save over $1.00 on one toy, or get a free toy with purchase of any six toys! Take advantage of it until February 14, 2010, get your cats some quality toys they’ll really enjoy and give yourself a laugh every time you see it on the floor! At left is the ad I designed for to run on their website and other sites for advertising. How good is that? Designing ads for catnip toys!