From the Lost Sketchbook, the Very Last One—a Bird’s Nest!

pencil sketch of bird's nest with eggs

Bird's Nest

What?! It’s been cats, cats, cats, and now a bird’s nest?

This was a general purpose sketchbook and I used it for many things in addition to extemporaneous sketches; that’s why it was at my desk.

The story behind this one, though, doesn’t have to do with my backyard wildlife habitat or my love of wild birds. I’m a member of a small business organization, and several years ago I was included in an article about small business owners setting up a retirement plan for themselves. The theme, of course, was “nest egg”, and the editors wanted some illustrative photos of us showing the nest egg theme. The nests and eggs the photographer brought were not like any I’d seen in real life, and in part because I was to be photographed out in my backyard wildlife habitat and I’d say something about studying and sketching birds and their nests, I wanted to use one of the nests I had on hand with a few reconstructed eggs. That was too realistic, perhaps, so I went to the next idea—I make my living as an artist, so I’m literally “drawing my own nest egg”.

Hence the sketch of the nest with eggs. I still like it just as a sketch too. I’ve been meaning to frame it for hanging somewhere in the house, but here it ended up in the sketchbook. Like the others, this one is also for sale. Please ask if you are interested!

2 Comments on “From the Lost Sketchbook, the Very Last One—a Bird’s Nest!”

  1. Judi says:

    I was thinking about this also. We had 20 golg finces on the thistle feeders and other birds attemting to use it. Once we brushed off all the feeders the swarms arrived. Great article. Thanks

  2. Susan Stoltz says:

    Love your “nest egg”, Bernadette. Great drawing!

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