“Pawprints and Raindrops” is Featured on The Daily Tail!

pastel painting of a cat on a bed

Sunday Morning, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

My newest feline-inspired poem “Pawprints and Raindrops” and my painting “Sunday Morning” are featured on the award-winning The Daily Tail blog! Please visit to read and enjoy, and also to read wide-ranging daily stories and images about cats, dogs, cows, birds, deer and just about anything else with fur or feathers…or scales…or…

Thank you, Daniela, for being a faithful reader of my blog too!

2 Comments on ““Pawprints and Raindrops” is Featured on The Daily Tail!”

  1. animalartist says:

    And as soon as I can log back in to IntenseDebate I’ll thank you in the comments section! I have too many subscriptions and passwords…Thanks again!

  2. It’s an honor to have such a great poem of yours published in The Daily Tail. Thank you for your kind words, and your always delightful posts, Bernadette!

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