The Eyes Have It

photo of two black cats on chair

The Eyes Have It

Mewsette and Giueseppe open their eyes briefly to be photographed, otherwise don’t move a whisker.

This is today’s feature photo on Today, my daily photo blog. Click over there to see a larger version and read the text I wrote about these two, about this particular family of cats and about photographing black cats in particular.

I have photographed my cats for years, actually carrying a camera around the house with me to be sure I catch the moment. I often use their images in my own designs as well as selling their images as stock photography. I have about 30 years of cat photos and have the last ten years of my digitals on my website. You can see them in action in almost every entry on my blog The Creative Cat, and on my Marketplace blog you can see them in my Animal Sympathy Cards. I have eight galleries of them in the photo section on my website.