Peaches Applies for a Job

“Seeking office assistant for very busy kitty who needs help with things.  You should be able to type and to understand business stuff.  Must be professional and good with other cats.  Lots of nap breaks and some snacks.  Multi tasking would be good-like maybe watching out the window for visitors while also getting food from the kitchen counter.”

I can do that. There was more, you can read the rest here, and there might be a d-o-g, but if I can put up with these four ingrates, a dog will be no problem. It was from a kitty named Eva, and her situation sounded way better than mine. So I applied.

photo of peaches looking at giuseppe and mewsette

Those two oversized idiots hog mom's lap.

Don’t let my mom know…I’m considering a change in venue because my mom is totally inadequate when it comes to feeding me every 42 minutes, plus there’s this group of hyperactive two-year-olds here, so I am considering a change of venue. I can push papers around on a desk with the best of them and I walk on the keyboard regularly only to find myself unceremoniously placed on the floor. I suit all your other requirements, and I hope age isn’t a factor because I think I’m 19 and I probably am, but I’m a very agile and young-looking 19. How is lap time at your place?~Peaches

And you know what? Bad economy or not, I got an interview! Eva posted a message on her blog and on Facebook saying she was waiting.

You see, we older kitties are very computer savvy because those young yahoos just have no attention span.

So I’m going to tell Eva that I have an idea that could work to both of our advantages. We look very much alike, and with Eva’s agility and my absolute cuteness, I could be a decoy and we could work together to fool her mom into thinking there’s only one cat while Eva gets the treats! Then we could have a great time on the internet ordering even more!

photo of calico cat

Peaches Wakes Me Up

Here’s my application photo, so you can see how much we look alike. And by the way, this is what I have to do to get my mom out of bed in the morning…

15 Comments on “Peaches Applies for a Job”

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  6. EVA! says:

    Hi Peaches! I finally got some private computer time and I put your questions on my blog. I’m so excited!

    I wonder if we should both go to Tabatha’s so we can get something to eat every 42 minutes. I try to here, but sometimes I just get locked out of the office.

    Tabatha-If you’d like, you can look at the questions and see what you think. I’ll try to think of all of the positions I can.

    Bye, EVA!

  7. animalartist says:

    Uh,oh! Competition! If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s competitive, I just want what I feel I deserve and I ignore anything I don’t like.

    Anyway, everyone should consider an experienced retiree for any position. Not only can we do the job but we have lots of stories to tell, too.

  8. Marg says:

    Eva, that sounds like a great plan. And it might even get you fed every 42 minutes. We try for that around here too and there are so many of us here, that it just about is every 42 minutes that someome is getting fed. And we have to put in a vote Eva because of your advanced age, that you certainly should get more lap time. So maybe Peaches should get that job. Good luck to both of you. You do look very much alike. Maybe we should apply for the job. We are great at walking on the keyboard and can definitely push the papers off the desk. Put Tabatha down to interview for the job. Thanks.

  9. animalartist says:

    Eva, I think it would be so much fun we should do it anyway. I’ve never done anything bad in my life (except get confused and think the throw rug is for me to pee on now and then), and if I’m 19 I might as well do it before I can’t.

    When I saw your Facebook post, I thought you were me, that’s why I started reading!

    I’ll be waiting for your questions.

  10. EVA! says:

    Hi Peaches! This is the neatest idea ever. ‘You know who’ is always telling Zorro that she thinks there must be two of him. We’d really keep her on her toes, wouldn’t we? So, I’m going to go ahead and put some of my questions up and then we can talk more. I really like your photo. I almost thought it was me at first. MOL

  11. Ingrid King says:

    But Peaches, who will wake up your mom if you get the job??? Maybe you could be Eva’s virtual assistant?

    • animalartist says:

      Ingrid, she and I will have to negotiate some better terms, including more lap time and regular feedings. Maybe I’ll have her hire an assistant lap because some days she just won’t sit still with reaching for this and that. I’ll just have to think about it.

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