I’m Going to Blogpaws 2010!

I'm going to BlogPaws 2010 badgeThe guy at the top of this blog started all this blogging business for me. As I discovered, I had quite a bit to write about, but it was his imminent loss that compelled me to get in touch with the animal-loving community in this unique way.

I started this blog in January 2009, and only posted once or twice a month until I lost Namir in July 2009. I wrote two posts about him, and about loss, in that month, then began posting weekly, then more and more frequently as I found a community of others just as passionate about my animal companions and animals in general.

It’s been a wonderful way to spend a little over a year, and it’s shown me a means of communication I was apparently waiting for because now I have four blogs including The Creative Cat—Today, my daily photo blog was second, Portraits of Animals Marketplace is a great place for me to feature new works in a way I never could before, and What’s New in Bernadette’s Studio makes a feature including all my commercial and fine art, writing, photography and all else that I used to do manually. That’s not enough, because I’ll soon be setting up another one or two. Since I guess I’ll be doing this full time, it’s a good idea to get together with other bloggers and learn as much as I can, plus make connections with other people who are blogging about pets and animals.

I’ll also have the opportunity to include three pieces of artwork in the silent auction. Half of the sale price will go to benefit animal welfare.

I also hope to come back with lots of wonderful ideas to share with my customers too, as I set them up on blogs.

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