Eva Offers a Donation in Honor of Peaches’ 100th

photo of Eva's face

Eva's expression

Eva says,

Help celebrate my BFF Peaches’ 20th birthday by going to my Blog and posting a comment-We’ll send 50 cents to Foster Cat., Inc for each comment made during the month of April!

Eva has computer privileges and her blog is very fun to read!

This is where I read that Eva needed an office assistant and, while mom was away, I actually applied for the position and had an interview! Then I developed renal failure and we all decided that I should stay put, but Eva and I became BFFs. I’m so happy we met! And see what a nice kitty she is?!

Visit Conversations with Eva at www.evaevaeva.com, but make a comment on Help Cats and Kittens in Need.

photo of Peaches on my desk

Peaches is back to work.

Thank you, Eva! Without people willing to foster, the two of us might be…well, nowhere. Scary thought. Please read about Eva’s amazing rescue; mine was nowhere near as frightening as this, and I am very proud of Eva for hanging in there until her forever mom came along…the second time.

And read about what FosterCat does for kitties so you’ll know why Eva would donate for the cause!

Thanks to everyone who opens up their heart and their home to a cat in need.


2 Comments on “Eva Offers a Donation in Honor of Peaches’ 100th”

  1. […] for my BFF Peaches’ special birthday, we decided to donate a whole bunch of 50 cents for all of the April comments to […]

  2. […] were also being made to FosterCat through MyThreeCats.com and on Peaches’ BFF Eva’s blog, so Peaches and I can’t wait to see all the generosity people offered through Peaches’ […]

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