Celebrate Pet Parents Day and Support WPHS!

photo of green dog bowl

Dog Bowl painted by Megan Beck.

First of all, HAPPY PET PARENTS DAY to all those lucky enough to share their lives with loving animal companions.

Second, celebrate Pet Parents Day AND help the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society with ceramics!

You can participate in one of two ways:

  • If you’re in Pittsburgh, join the Painting Party and CD Signing at Color Me Mine in Squirrel today from noon to 6:00 p.m. Visit Heal From Pet Loss for details and links to a map and the Facebook page for National Pet Parents Day Pittsburgh. You can paint a special food bowl, treats jar, picture frame or other fun item in honor of your special animal companion. $15 will cover appetizers, desserts, drinks, a two hour block of painting time and a contribution to the WPA Humane Society. Ceramic pieces to paint will be offered in a wide range of prices to accommodate everyone’s budget.
  • If you’re not in Pittsburgh or you want to help even more, bid on pieces that were already painted by staff and volunteers at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society. As part of the fundraiser an ongoing silent auction of already painted animal-theme pieces is posted April 18 to 25 on eBay. Click here to go to the auction on eBay. (Let’s help them out—at the moment nothing has a bid!).
photo of steelers dog bowl

Steelers fan dog bowl painted by Karen Litzinger.

Karen Litzinger, author of Heal Your Heart: Coping With the Loss of a Pet is a sponsor and organizer of this event. I’ve written about her and her wonderful CD several times on The Creative Cat in Heal Your Heart and in A Remarkable CD and Guidebook.

She’ll be signing CDs at this event and also painted a bowl that’s in the eBay auction. Steelers fans, start bidding!

Karen’s website is Heal From Pet Loss.

photo of painted ceramic bowl

Cat bowl painted by Lee Nesler, Executive Director of WPHS.

The Western Pennsylvania Humane Society is an open-door shelter on Pittsburgh’s North Side serving over 13,000 animals every year. In addition to providing shelter for every animal presented regardless of how it arrived, they provide low-cost spay and neuter and veterinary clinic services, dog training and owner education for any animal parent, humane investigations of animal abuse and cruelty cases, pet loss counseling groups and fun events of all sorts for animals and the people who love them.

So before it gets too much later in the day, head on over to Color Me Mine or visit the eBay auction site to help WPHS and get yourself a new pet-themed item for your collection!

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