Eva Adds Up Her Donation

photo of Eva's face

Eva's expression

As you remember, Eva offered to donate 50 cents to FosterCat for every person who commented on her blog in April. The counting is done, and read about the total (and the counting)!

Thanks Eva and you-know-who! There will be some rescued and fostered kitties who will be very thankful as well!

Sorry Zorro ate your vegetable plants. We can’t start any here this year because the Big Four go grazing among the flats in the basement like a bunch of black cows…

Featured in My Etsy Shop, Sepia Miniatures Feline Photos Set

Speckle Sally Walking

Cats love to hang out in the sun, and sometimes the combination of their markings and the light and shadow can create an abstract effect, especially in black and white. I love miniatures too, especially in sets, just little accents that make a statement all their own.

See all three images and read about them on my Portraits of Animals Marketplace blog or visit my Etsy shop.