Eva Adds Up Her Donation

photo of Eva's face

Eva's expression

As you remember, Eva offered to donate 50 cents to FosterCat for every person who commented on her blog in April. The counting is done, and read about the total (and the counting)!

Thanks Eva and you-know-who! There will be some rescued and fostered kitties who will be very thankful as well!

Sorry Zorro ate your vegetable plants. We can’t start any here this year because the Big Four go grazing among the flats in the basement like a bunch of black cows…

One Comment on “Eva Adds Up Her Donation”

  1. Renee says:

    Thanks, Bernadette. I’ll be forwarding the check by mail. It’s a small amount, but as we know, any little bit can make a difference for someone or something. I want to also thank everyone who visited Eva’s site and ‘contributed’ a comment.

    I’m sorry to say that we’ve gone from over 140 beautiful seedlings to just one tomato and two yellow squash plants [sigh..] Back to the drawing board. And, speaking of cows, I’d better run out now and make sure that what little is left is out of reach from my bovine friends. All my best to you and your furry babies! ~R

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