Meet Cleo, the Perfect Tabby, and Perfect for You!

image of tabby cat

Cleo is waiting for a home through FosterCat!

What says “kitty” more than a lot of perfectly organized stripes?

I’m Cleo, and I’m FosterCat’s featured kitty this month. I hope that increases my chances of finding my forever home! My foster family has been wonderful, but I can’t wait to unpack my little kitty bags for the last time.

I’m a young lady covered with lovely stripes—several necklaces and rows of bracelets around my legs, stripes all over my face that define my lovely high cheekbones and classic brows, then stripes all the way down my back to my lovely striped tail.

I have been tested for everything and passed all my tests, I’ve been spayed and vaccinated so everything is already done. I’m ready to go!

I once had a forever home, but my people decided to adopt a dog and I just didn’t care for that. Apparently they didn’t like my attitude and before I knew it I ended up in a shelter.

I’m so glad someone from FosterCat came along and recognized that I wasn’t meant for shelter life! They brought me home from the shelter so that I could keep my sweet disposition living in a home instead of a cage, and have a better chance of meeting new people that way.

I am friendly and dignified, but I don’t necessarily get along with dogs, apparently, and not really with other cats, either, which is why I wasn’t doing well in the shelter. I’d be best in an only-cat household, but you won’t be sorry that I’m your only cat because I’m just waiting for a person to love.

If you’re the one for me, please call FosterCat at 412-481-9144 or just go to the adoption page on the website and fill out a form with my name on it! I’ll be waiting to hear from you.

We know Cleo is perfect, but if stripes aren’t what you are looking for FosterCat has all flavors of kitties in foster homes right now! Please visit the Adopt Me! page and browse the kitties who are looking for homes right now.

If you can’t adopt, consider being a foster home

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, FosterCat is also looking for foster homes in the south hills. FosterCat, Inc. is seeking responsible, cat loving caregivers to provide temporary love and care for homeless cats until permanent homes are found.

Our foster parents provide daily care for cats or kittens in their homes until they are ready to be placed for permanent adoption. FosterCat will provide food, litter, medications, as needed, and will absorb all veterinary expenses associated with our kitties.

FosterCat, Inc. is a local 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Contact FosterCat, Inc. at 412-481-9144 or click here to learn more about becoming a FosterCat foster parent and to submit a foster application.

One Comment on “Meet Cleo, the Perfect Tabby, and Perfect for You!”

  1. Marg says:

    Oh Cleo, we sure hope you can find a home. You wouldn’t like it here, there are 2 dogs and 18 cats plus some other animals too. But you are so pretty, someone should take you soon.

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