The Other Big Four

four cats eating

My Four Girls

My four girls! It’s Peaches, Cookie, Kelly and Mimi.

Usually, it’s just my three seniors, “the Golden Girls”, who eat up on this cabinet because they get special canned food with extra supplements, and the younger ones sidle in and ask if they can have a bite and always get their way. I can make sure the girls get their meals when the others have a difficult time getting to their food bowls…though not impossible.

But Mimi has decided she is special and joins them, even though she’s only about six—and she’s not a tri-color, but solid black. I tell her she’s well away from the age where she needs the special food but, well, Mimi is special.

I actually have five girls (and four boys), but Mewsette, the fifth girl, is a long way from joining this group.