This Sink Matches My Eyes

black cat in sink

Mewsette models the bathroom sink.

Mewsette discovers the perfect accessory for herself—that mint green bathroom sink! Of all the Fantastic Four, her eyes are the greenest, with very little of the yellow characteristic of their mom. The others’ eyes look distinctly amber when they are in the sink, but Mousse models her new-found accessory with her usual quiet happiness.

Typically playing the role of Basement Cat, Mewsette drinks out of the sink with the rest of them but doesn’t usually hang out there. When I go down into the basement, she usually drops out of some overhead hangout or pops out of one of my boxes of stuff and hurries over to greet me—”Welcome to my basement, isn’t it nice?”

This may be because she thinks her brothers are just plain stupid, judging by some of her expressions; well, you know how boys can be when they get together. But she cuddles and plays with them often enough that it’s probably not that she doesn’t prefer their company, just that she waits in the basement for the next silly mouse to enter.

But I’m glad she’s found a happy spot upstairs where I can see her round green eyes and plushy rich black fur all the more often.