The Kitten I Might Have Adopted

petco kitten retouched

Meet Frasier.

Meet Frasier, the kitten I might have adopted from Petco, if I didn’t already have nine cats! The photo I liked best was a little too blurry, so I did a few PhotoShop effects to it here, and a few different ones in the article I wrote about Frasier. This particular effect always reminds me of an antique illustration style that I remember from some children’s books when I was very young, and who knows? Perhaps this kitty will appear in a story some time!

If I Didn’t Already Have Nine Cats…

kitten in front of wire barrier

Frasier is happy to meet me.

I would have walked out of Petco with this little guy.

I don’t often shop at Petco but needed a special dietary supplement for Peaches. When I do shop there I always check the cat adoption area, right by the front door—often I know the person there, and a few times I’ve known the cats.

This time Frasier came running over to the fence barrier as if he’d been waiting for me all day. What a personality! Direct eye contact—he knows he’s cute! White whiskers in a black face, a white bib and a white belly, and of course those white paws that always take me away, including just white toes on the front.

kitten playing with kids

Loves kids.

I played with him so long I almost forgot to shop. The person with him, who had been his foster mom, said he was absolutely fearless and VERY affectionate but not passing the “Ginger Test”, swatting her dog Ginger on the nose repeatedly.

kitten not sure of dog

Not sure about dogs.

Two children came up and he ran over to greet them, then Twyla came in and he decided to defend his territory, even though Twyla was actually frightened of him.

cats for adoption

Cats for adoption.

Five other kitties were waiting for homes as well: the long-haired tabby with white boots on the floor, the gray kitty on top of the tree (who is actually long-haired as well), the tortie inside the bottom of the cat tree, and a little long-haired white with gray tabby kitten playing on a box on the shopping cart. The other kitty, a little orange girl, was hiding behind the cages, peeking out now and then.

petco kitten

Frasier is happy almost anywhere.

Oh, well, I have never had the pleasure of simply adopting a cat, and I’m not about to expand my household, but if I were to decide to Frazer would be the cat.