Mr. Sunshine Lets It All Hang Out

black cat sleeping with book

Not Now, I'm Sleeping

Mr. Sunshine sleeps in his favorite position, on his back with his hind legs spread and all his toes curled.

Maybe it’s that Little Brown Book of Anecdotes that I’ve kept at my desk for reference lately which seems to appear in a lot of sleepy kitty photos. A new idea for calming kitties? Well, perhaps these juvenile boys aren’t the world’s biggest readers. And then again perhaps they are absorbing the content of the book in their sleep.

I’ll have to pull out a few of the sketches I have of Mr. Sunshine in various open positions. Makes me think I should gather all the pencil sketches of my cats sleeping around the house over the years—the most populous in my collection because they hold still long enough to get a good sketch—into a collection of notecards or a little notebook or something. Hmmm…