Cookie and Coffee

cat drinking out of mug

Cookie and Coffee

As a follow-up to “I’ll Have Some of What You’re Having”, here is proof that Cookie really does drink my coffee. I know it’s not good for her, but she rarely gets much, and it’s probably that half-n-half that makes it interesting to her. In any case, I have to be really distracted for her to get her face in my coffee cup and drink.

What I really like is the slinky-type of move she’s making, as if I might not notice her.

5 Comments on “Cookie and Coffee”

  1. cosmicmango says:

    She looks like she’s enjoying that coffee! She is so cute drinking that coffee.

    Enjoy the coffee, Cookie. Have a great day!

  2. animalartist says:

    Tammy, this certainly isn’t instinct–it’s just “like”. Who knows where they’ll stick their noses next!

  3. Love the photo. We have some feline coffee-snorters here — both Dawn & Topaz love the smell.

  4. animalartist says:

    Linda, thanks for visiting. Guys who like cats are “in”. And three is a good number–tell him to keep it up! See you again.

  5. Linda says:

    Cute pic of the kitty. My son is a real cat guy – owning three. He announced the other day how he has come to terms with loving his cats – I guess that means he is not a dog person like me, maybe he is a little bit of both at times.

    I like your art and website. Will visit again.


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