Your Manner of Housekeeping is Exceedingly Deficient

black cat with cobwebs on her face

Your Manner of Housekeeping...

Mimi reports to my desk with cobwebs all over her face.

You’ve heard of the “white glove treatment”, wherein the lady of the house, wearing white gloves, follows the cleaning person around and wiping the gloves on freshly-cleaned surfaces to see if any dirt was left?

Well, this is the “black cat treatment”, wherein a black cat pokes her nose where it doesn’t belong and shows that her human is simply inadequate in yet another way.

We love our kitties, even as they try to set higher goals for us and improve our performance.

2 Comments on “Your Manner of Housekeeping is Exceedingly Deficient”

  1. animalartist says:

    Well, they are “guys”, and their half-brothers–and sister–aren’t so scrupulous either. I couldn’t figure out where she found them because I’ve swept and vaccuumed every inch of this house with the fleas, but then I remembered that my brother brought in a chair from the shed and wiped off the top, but now I see he didn’t clean underneath. And of course the chair had to be thoroughly investigated. It’s the black cat treatment! For the little kitty who used to be the neighborhood you-know-what, she certainly puts on airs.

  2. Amby says:

    We are so fortunate that Angus and Donal aren’t “clean freaks” like their mama… the look on her face is PRICELESS!

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