The Greeting Cat Rack

kitten with empty card rack

Marty with Card Rack

No, it’s spelled right! That little Marty at Agway is the sweetest kitten ever! Her prospective adopter is on vacation and will collect her upon return.

Marty greets everyone with lots of ankle rubs, grabs customers’ hands from the counter and rubs on them, investigates packages and purses and runs around with fronds from the corn stalks. We love it when any kitten is rescued and finds a good home, but she’s one of those kittens whose personality is so people-oriented you’re so glad she didn’t end up lost in the woods.

I dropped off a greeting card rack at the Agway for my selection of animal sympathy and feline art cards, and Marty was so glad to have a new toy!

The Bath Cat

cat bathing another cat

The Bath

Dickie insists on giving everyone a bath, whether they like it or not (though I think he prefers fur to skin since I don’t get regular baths, just nose licks from him).

Kelly loves her baths from Dickie, though it took him a while to win her over. She is affectionate and often rubs on the other cats, but she’s timid when approached by them. Dickie’s big personality and insistence that her face was dirty eventually became a comfort to her, and sometimes he gives her quite the thorough bath.

The two frequently share the library, and that mirror provides a wonderful backdrop for this photo where you can see two views of the same bath.