Peaches and Giuseppe, Together Again

two cats curled together

Peaches and Giuseppe curled together.

Sorry for the bad quality photo, I’m just glad to see Giuseppe and Peaches together again!

Giuseppe has always had a real affection for Peaches, curling around her and keeping her warm, bathing her now and then, and generally being vigilant about her while keeping his hectic young-cat household schedule. Peaches is 20, petite and pastel, Giuseppe is three, more than twice her size and solid black, and while he’s friendly he’s not one of the ones who cuddles up to cats who are not his direct family. Peaches is very special to him.

Through the hot months of summer, especially during the flea scourge, very little cuddling of any sort was happening, and Peaches has been kind of on her own. But these first few cold nights and slightly chill days have brought cuddling back in style.

Peaches is handling her chronic kidney failure well, though I can see some decline, but the fleas weakened her and it’s taken a lot of careful diet and rest for her to really regain her strength. She’s been spending a good bit of time in the bathroom, at my orders, first because it was the only room I could keep flea-free so that I could manage her health without flea bites. Also she can eat at will (I can’t leave food out for her in this house) between her regular meals, the water bowl and litterbox are convenient, and it’s quiet and restful, especially when I’m off for the day at a festival.

She has her freedom at other times because Peaches is an important part of the household. Also, I know that our time is limited, and I don’t want to miss a minute.

I know that Giuseppe’s care for Peaches is an important part of her continued health as much as it is heartwarming and very cute at times. His youth warms her body physically and emotionally, his energy fills her and she is grateful and accepts with simple grace. When it’s cuddling time, I watch Giuseppe as much as Peaches to determine her current health state.

So it was good to see that Giuseppe had snuck into the bathroom and cuddled around Peaches, his paw on her back, that vigilant expression—and there wasn’t even food in there, so it had to be Peaches alone he went in there for.

I’ve posted other photos and stories about Peaches and Giuseppe through the past year, including Keeping Peaches Warm.