Helping Animals on Election Day

image of e-mail invitation

Humane USA PA PAC invitation

It’s a party for the animals—or at least people who support animals in Pennsylvania!

We all help animals every day by volunteering and donating to shelters, rescuing and fostering animals in need, and encouraging humane treatment of animals whenever the opportunity arises, as well as simply taking good care of the animals who share our lives.

But sometimes we are limited by what our laws actually say is humane, what is defined as a companion animal and what is livestock, and how individuals can treat the animals in their care.

You can help to strengthen the laws that govern humane treatment of animals in your city, county or state by supporting candidates who are animal-friendly.

Right now in Pennsylvania, puppy mills are a huge issue with legislation jumping back and forth as individuals and breeder interests revise the bill that outlines requirements for breeding facilities.

The horrible annual live pigeon shoot is at issue as well, where humane organizations have been trying to ban this cruel “tradition” of releasing live pigeons from cages in front of “hunters” with guns blazing.

Pennsylvania’s leading industry is agriculture, so our state legislators also decide on humane treatment of farm animals.

Then there are tethering laws, breed bans, dog fighting, shelter euthanasia practices, and many more issues that you can influence by finding the legislators who support the causes and opinions you do.

In Pennsylvania, the non-partisan Humane USA PA Political Action Committee helps to sort out the issues and support candidates who are animal-friendly. On their website, you can find links to the issues mentioned above and find the legislation that might influence the issues one way or the other, plus find information on candidates who sponsor and support humane legislation.

The event in Pittsburgh

If you’re in Pittsburgh, consider attending this event at Max’s Allegheny Tavern on Friday, October 8 where your ticket supports the PAC’s efforts to support animal-friendly candidates, plus you can meet other like-minded people and meet a few legislators who have made a difference with their votes. Visit the Humane USA site to read more or RSVP to You can also RSVP at Humane USA’s Facebook page for the event.

Share the link or find similar organizations in your state

Please pass the information along to others as well. If you’re not local, perhaps your state also has a PAC who can help you find information about the issues and the candidates who support humane treatment of all animals.

I am proud to have designed this invitation, and I support the efforts of this organization.

Let’s All Stare at the Bird

four cats staring out a window

Let's All Stare at the Bird

I’m sure the sparrow was glad there was a screen between him and four enthusiastic hunters, Mr. Sunshine, Giuseppe, Jelly Bean and Dickie.

I couldn’t get an angle with the cats and the bird, but it was hanging on the edge of the casement window and couldn’t figure out how to get out of its predicament. Usually they figure it out, but when it kept trying to fly through the window I opened the casement far enough for the bird to get a good angle and go free.

Those screens take a beating every summer when the windows are open and the birds are at the feeders, but it’s well worth the investment to replace them for the exercise and enjoyment everyone gets—including me! I originally installed the bird feeders outside that window so I could study the birds who visit my yard, count them for Project Feederwatch, and study their markings, colors and habits for illustrations and drawings. The view has become an important part of my cats’ well-being by “enriching their environment”.

The boys all had naps after all that exertion, and I’m sure they dreamed of little birds that were “right there”.