The New, Blue Kitty

We have a kitty who is new,

black cat and blue kitty figurine

Jelly Bean tries to outstare the Blue Kitty.

We have a kitty who is blue,

black cat with blue kitty figurine

Giuseppe smells the Blue Kitty.

None of us knows what to do

black cat with blue kitty figurine

Mewsette tastes the Blue Kitty.

With this strange kitty who is new and blue.

black cat with blue kitty figurine

Mr. Sunshine decides to sleep on the issue, near the Blue Kitty.

Mom brought home this strange new kitty yesterday, and we just can’t seem to figure it out. We’ve tried everything we can think of to get it to talk to us, but it just doesn’t even move. We’ve decided to ignore it from now on and see if that does anything.

I picked this up at the second hand store when I purchased baskets and other small items for my shop. At first I passed it up thinking it was a little tacky, but then I decided that I could use it. Why not? Who knew when I’d need a feline silhouette to add to a gift basket or give to someone or just add to my shop’s interest. Then I thought I might remove the ribbon and paint it solid black and letter “Black Cats Welcome Here” on its belly. Then I thought I might leave one side black and speckle the other side with black, orange, white, gray and peach, and letter “Tri-color Cats are Mutants” on that side. I will probably do something along these lines.

But really, I wanted to get at least one photo of one of my kitties with the blue kitty. Little did I know the Big Four would visit the new kitty through the day! Or do they really read my mind…

2 Comments on “The New, Blue Kitty”

  1. animalartist says:

    What will they do next?

  2. Chris Davis says:

    Black and blue kitties – I LOVE this!

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