A Chin Shelf

cat with chin on windowsill

Dickie rests in birdwatching.

Dickie found a great way to rest between diving at birds at the feeder—resting his chin on the windowsill, where he can lurk just below the surface and no birds will notice him.

Even brave and serious hunters need to take a break.

6 Comments on “A Chin Shelf”

  1. animalartist says:

    Thanks, everyone! Dickie has his daily schedule of things to do and places to be, all involving favorite nap and birdwatching spots. Somehow, he manages to meet all the requirements every day!

  2. true and now that has given US an idea. Darcy and Bingley xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Another wonderful picture – reminds me of my Pippen!

  4. what a handsome and wonderful boy!

  5. Marg says:

    Great picture of Dickie watching Bird TV. Great Photo.

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