Kitten on the Keyboard

cat on keyboard shelf

Kitten on the Keyboard

Kelly demonstrates how well the keyboard shelf suits her needs for a nap, just the right size and the nice, soft thingies covering the laminated wood make it really comfortable.

And there’s still room for the keyboard—you can see it in the darkness behind Kelly—so I really shouldn’t complain about multi-purposing my desk.

Kelly is hardly a kitten at 16, but she’s always had a bright and active personality and has never lost her girlish figure. She came to me when she was between two and three, and except for a certain angularity about her face she looks the same as when she arrived.

She and Cookie take turns tormenting me—well, I think it’s torment because I’d like to get my work done—by finding their comfort spots in my workspace. These spots are rarely convenient for me, and on top of that I then need to photograph them in action, so I get even less done at that moment. And, of course, they aren’t the only ones to perpetrate this torment on me.

But I can’t imagine my desk without generations of cats all over it. It’s one of the reasons I have a cordless mouse and keyboard…when they take over, I can move and still work…sort of.

3 Comments on “Kitten on the Keyboard”

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  2. animalartist says:

    My desk is just a big cat bed. Their latest effort is jumping back and forth over the flat screen, kind of like a steeple chase move.

  3. Marg says:

    What a pretty Tortie you are Kelly. That looks like a great napping place. I am not letting the kids here see that. I don’t them to get that idea. As it is, they get behind the computer and loosen the wires.
    Great picture.

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