Sweet Peaches

pastel painting of a cat on a table with peonies

Peaches and Peonies, pastel © B.E. Kazmarski

Please send Peaches lots of love and energy as she transitions this morning. The process began last night, and we are now waiting for our veterinarian; this afternoon we’ll be meeting with our friend Deb at Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation. I am so glad these wonderful supportive people are here for us now.

Peaches took another little downturn over the weekend, but we didn’t find any solution to helping her to return to comfort and wellness and she began refusing food. I was just preparing another article about knowing the time was imminent, but Peaches took things into her own little paws. She looked at me last night and said, “Don’t worry.”

Until later, thanks for letting us share Peaches’ journey.