Cross My Palms With Salmon Fillets…

black cat with pumpkin and lamp

Madame Mewsette will tell your future now.

…and I will tell your future in my pumpkin crystal ball.

This is what Mewsette is dressed up as to celebrate this evening’s events. And she didn’t even have to put on one embarrassing garment or accessory.

When I attended Catholic grade school, we were to dress up as our patron saint for All Hallow’s Eve, and dressing up as St. Bernadette was pretty easy for me as I already tended to wear peasant-style clothing and St. Bernadette didn’t suffer any dire injuries or horrible torture like some of the other saints, she just lived to be very old, despite Lourdes.

Well, I think Mewsette is dressed up as one of her patron kitties—she is quiet and introspective, unlike her brothers, and I can just see her in the role of a familiar or a gypsy fortune-teller!

6 Comments on “Cross My Palms With Salmon Fillets…”

  1. […] may recognize the photo in the design above from its posting last year on October 31 as well as the one immediately below from October 30. In addition, three other designs include […]

  2. […] Mewsette patiently waits in the front window for my return. She really knows how to use light to her best advantage as in these photos from near Halloween! […]

  3. Cindy says:

    I had a cute cate like this one ..All black. She lived until 14. Hername was Claudine.

    thanx for sharing your picture.

  4. R. says:

    I thought the previous photo with all three black cats was perfect. This photo of Mewsette is even more perfect. What a brilliant shot!

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