Move Over IKEA Cats, Cookie’s Back in the Shop

tortie cat in front window

"I'm so pretty, I'll bet all sorts of customers will come in today just to see me."

While I had enjoyed Cookie’s company in my Portraits of Animals shop room at Carnegie Antiques through the spring, summer was hot and busy, and Peaches needed Cookie’s company too, so Cookie has had to stay home all these months. Yesterday, she gave me the look and I decided I’d love to have her company down there again.

blur of cat

Cookie was a whirlwind as soon as she got there.

It’s good to be back! I hated the ride in the pink thing and I really let my mom know about it, but once we got here I knew exactly where I was and I got right to work.

Who needs those fancy IKEA cats—I can run around and jump on things as well as any kitty, and I don’t have to share it with 99 others!

Mom could hardly keep up with me—I went trotting all over the shop and told her all about everything I saw!

tortie cat on chair

Cookie is definitely cuter than the doll.

I’m exploring the store today, especially all the comfy chairs and those nice wool rugs.

I’m prettier than this ugly doll, and don’t you think I deserve to sit on a velvet chair?

I have to be sure to inspect things from all possible angles and try things out. How else can I make a recommendation to a customer?

tortie on native patterned carpet

Cookie tries out the earth tones.

Let’s see how I look on this Native American patterned carpet — it feels nice, and it matches my colors.

cat at top of steps

Cookie is an employee too.

I had to reacquaint myself with all the nooks and crannies, open all the doors and check in all the closets.

You see that “Employees Only” sign? That means me!

cat on chairs

This chair is nice, but I have to try them all.

First I have to try each of these three chairs, then I have to explore the shelves of china to make sure there’s no dust or stinkbugs up there.

Hmmm, Chair No. 1 wasn’t quite right, let’s try Chair No. 2.

cookie in the red chair

Cookie looks very regal.

So many chairs, so little time! I like the ones best that are low to the ground so I can jump up easier—and all the better that they are covered in velvet with nice comfy velvet pillows to snuggle!

tortie cat in wicker rocker

This chair is "just right"!

Finally, a chair that’s just my size—and what kitty doesn’t love wicker?! Plus, it’s right in front of the “fireplace” where the little gas heater keeps it warm.

cookie greets a customer

Cookie greets a customer.

Oh, my first customer! I have to greet her!

Everyone has to get a little tortie fur on their ankles.

cat sleeping on chair

Time for a nap.

Whew! I’ve worked hard! Now it’s time for a big bath and a nap! I’ll just sleep behind the counter where I can look out the window and see if anyone is coming.

I can get up right away when a customer comes in!

cat in shop window

Cookie watches our last customer leave.

I may be 18, but I can still tiptoe through the knicknacks without moving a single one!

I hope we get to come back next week!

Y’all come back now, y’hear?!

5 Comments on “Move Over IKEA Cats, Cookie’s Back in the Shop”

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  5. […] went to work in the shop with me yesterday, and she wrote all about it (with mom’s […]

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