I Dare You

tabby cat in doorway

Don't even think of trying to get past me.

Ever see a guard cat? Meet Gambit. He’s got an opening large enough to drive a truck through—literally—to keep free from intruders. Visitors from small animals to large people think twice before trying to walk past him at the Agway.

Of course, once you get to know him, you know his affection for everyone is as big is he is, him and his polydactyl paws. Well, maybe not so much with the small animals.

I love how some of these dark tabbies have that wonderful bloom of orange and red on their muzzle and on their nose.

One Comment on “I Dare You”

  1. Marg says:

    Love the look on his face, like he really does dare you to come in. He does make a great guard. Those eyes tell it all.
    Take care and have a fun week end.

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