two cats in a box


It looks like a two-pack to me, but I think the containers were a little larger than the package suggested.

But they do have a nice chocolate cast to their fur and are as sweet as chocolate pudding.

If you ever want at least a few of your cats to get their paws out of what you’re doing, just get a box and set it on a table somewhere!

Really, I can’t close off my kitchen and while I’m as careful as possible I’m always afraid of a kitchen accident, especially when they want to see what I’m doing or decide to sit right behind me when I’m standing at the stove or sink. One solution I’ve always had is a tall stool at the end of the sink counter where they can watch me at the sink without getting into the sink with the food or the dishes, and I allow them on a counter where I never work from which they can see the stove.

And if all else fails, I have various boxes at hand that I can put on the table and all of them take turns sharing, including the senior girls.