Cookie’s Hideaway

cat in laundry basket under table

A startled Cookie in the laundry basket.

Cookie had me scampering around in a panic the other day when I just couldn’t find her anywhere. She wasn’t in any of her usual places and I’ve got extra boxes around here with merchandise and materials so things are kind of out of order, and then I tossed things out of the way to find her. Plus, she’s a little deaf, though we act as if she’s not, and I can call all I want and she really can’t hear me.

Then I remembered a place she used to like to sleep—in the laundry basket in the bathroom! It’s been years, but I pulled it out and indeed it felt much heavier than a small pile of laundry should be and a startled Cookie sat up and shook herself. Whew!

cat in basket

Cookie in the basket several years ago.

But how did she get herself in there? Cookie’s not as nimble as she used to be and I watched her step-by-step process for getting out of there while it was under the table. When she wants to curl up in a comfy quiet spot she doesn’t let her short legs get in her way! Here she is several years ago when the basket edge hadn’t been chewed little by little by a happy Kelly thinking of her nightly snack.