Somehow I Think I’m Being Watched

three cats looking out door

I Am Being Watched

And indeed I was being carefully scrutinized by these three as I filled my bird feeders on the deck facing the lovely sunny morning. More kitties were farther back, hidden in the shadows, but Jelly Bean, Cookie and Mimi made sure I didn’t slip away as I took some time to photograph the frosty morning.

6 Comments on “Somehow I Think I’m Being Watched”

  1. Marg says:

    Cookie and Splitters sure look alike with their lines down the middle of their faces. That is great and love the way they are watching you to make darn sure you do it right. They want their bird TV to be really good.

  2. Susan Stoltz says:

    Cats always know what we’re doing, indeed! My windows all have little nose marks on them, though. Yours look very clean. We had several inches of snow today and the cats are curled up by the wood stove instead of having our daily romp in the woods. When I offered to have them join me, they peeked out the open door, tested the white stuff with their paws and each gave me a disappointed glare…… “Haven’t you noticed that it is cold and wet out here? Why can’t you change this?”.

    I love Cookie’s two tone face. The other day at Petco there was a tortie up for adoption that was named Two Faced. Don’t care for the name but I’m amazed at how often I see cats with the split right up the middle of their face. Especially Torties!

    • animalartist says:

      Susan, don’t look any closer! My windows are typically covered with dots too–I clean them frequently because I photograph birds through them, and when it rains they get streaked, as they are here.

      Cookie actually did join me on this frosty morning as we crunched through the sparkling grass and leaves, but her little paws have gotten accustomed to the indoors. Years ago when I began selling portraits and attended cat shows, a breeder told me that half and half face was a valuable trait in tortie markings! Never heard it again, but Cookie is valuable nonetheless!

  3. I HAVE CAT says:

    i love Cookie’s 2 tone face!

    • animalartist says:

      It’s as if you took a ruler and drew a line, as clear as when she was a kitten. It goes all the way over her head to her shoulders! Gets a little confused on her chin, though.

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