What should I do with him now?

two black cats on chair

Mewsette Keeps Giuseppe Under Control

“I’ve got him pinned down, now what should I do with him?”

Good job, Mewsette!

Well, for starters, get him off my chair. I’d like to sit down and get to work!

Actually, she’s using him as a bolster for comfortably reclining. These four don’t care if someone else is already on the chair, they just make themselves at home even if it means lying right on top of their brother.

Too bad I can’t sit on top of them too. I ended up working standing up that particular night.

6 Comments on “What should I do with him now?”

  1. Marg says:

    OH my that is so cute. Mine almost do the same thing especially at night in the bed with me. I wake up and never know who is going to be cuddled all together. But that is one cute picture.

    • animalartist says:

      When two or more black cats pile up together I’m usually at a loss to figure out how many are there–I have to make a noise to make them open their eyes and count how many I see!

  2. Chris Davis says:

    Oh, too funny! Do they are pile up three high..or maybe even four?

    • animalartist says:

      Chris, all the time, and everywhere, including on my desk and my lap! You know how all the kittens in a young litter can seem like extensions of each other until they get older–these guys have never really lost that, and include their mom in their shenanigans now and then too. Being all black, they are a real challenge to photograph.

  3. Amby says:

    Once again I’m amazed by the similarities I see shared by Mimi, the Fantastic Four and the Boisterous Boys, Angus and Donal. I truly enjoy all the pictures, but I’m REALLY drawn to the ones of the boys’ mama and younger siblings. Unfortunately, neither boy is interested in LOOKING at the lovely family portraits…. Perhaps if the pictures were scratch and sniff….

    • animalartist says:

      Indeed–Mimi, for being such a tiny kitty and having chosen fathers with strong features, truly passed her features on to all. I think I’ll have to videotape them sometime and we’ll see if their half-brothers are interested then. They all have the same voices!

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