He Got the Good Nap Spot

cat on shelf and cat in box

Tabatha tries to move Gambit with her tortitude.

An expression like Tabatha’s should be able to knock Gambit out of the box of peat pellets, but he seems immune to Tabatha’s tortitude.

The striped object laid across the top of the box is Gambit, who is one very big tabby cat. These two working cats are doing their best to imitate seasonal gardening supplies on the empty shelves, due to be filled in just a month or two.

The two live at the Agway where I buy plant seeds, bird seed and cat food, and also dehydrated peat pellets for starting seeds. I’m sure the box full makes a nice bed. They also sell my feline, flower and nature greeting cards so I’m there pretty frequently with all that. I’m always sure to check in on these two who now have a sort of grumpy old cat relationship instead of the torrid affair they’d been carrying on before they were both trapped and fixed.

3 Comments on “He Got the Good Nap Spot”

  1. animalartist says:

    I wish I’d had my better camera with me–I would have loved to have had a closeup of her expression!

  2. ihave says:

    OMG Tabitha’s expression is a hoot!

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