Five on the Floor

five black cats on rug

Five on the Flor

No wonder it got pretty quiet in here. The Big Four followed their mom’s example and decided to have a nap.

They often decide to do the same things together or sleep in the same place, often on top of each other. Here I guess they lined up, starting with Mimi. I remember when they were kittens, they would all play and play and play, then one by one collapse in a heap somewhere and immediately fall asleep. I guess this is the adult version of it.

I can’t help but notice Peaches isn’t with them, and that’s not a sad realization but a fond memory. From the time they were kittens the Big Four took care of their little big sister, curling around her and keeping her warm and comfy for three years, especially on the butterfly rug. I will always remember; I wonder if they do.