Stinkbugs for Fun and Exercise

cat chasing stinkbug


Stinkbugs exist to make sure kitties get some exercise in the winter.

While the snow falls outside and the days are short, other kitties might be napping in warm spots but Jelly Bean has found a marvelous toy. He’s gentle with his find—he wants it to last all day. As soon as the insect gets almost all the way up the pane, JB gently knocks it back down to the windowsill and the process begins all over again.

Tammy J. Banks Interviews Me for “Sketch People”

tammy j. banks

Tammy J. Banks

Sure enough, author Tammy J. Banks has written an article about me on her blog, Sketch People.

Tammy, or T.J., Banks has worked as a columnist, feature writer, a book and arts reviewer, a stringer for the Associated Press, and an instructor for The Writer’s Digest School. I’m acquainted with Tammy through the Cat Writer’s Association where I had heard about her award-winning book CatSong. Tammy has also written Houdini, Souleiado and the recently released A Time for Shadows about a schoolteacher who becomes a Red Cross Nurse in WWI, and her experiences there.

She interviewed me about my “career” such as it is, this mix of things I do each day.

Renaissance Woman with a Feline Twist: Bernadette Kazmarski