We’re Glad Christmas is Here

three cats with craft items

I have worn them out.

But not for all the goodies we get—mom totally wore us out! Up all night at the computer, in the studio, making this, painting that, crocheting the other. We’re just exhausted.

So last night I actually decided to “start” on a few gifts…haven’t had a whole lot of time for that! I totally trashed my bed with trinkets and lost jewelry and yarn and whatnot. Mr. Sunshine, Cookie and Mimi tried to keep up with me, but gave up.

I don’t usually work on projects in my bedroom, but I’ve spent long nights in my other two work rooms and even in the kitchen, so I decided to take a break and get a new perspective. Since soft, cozy sleeping spots are less numerous in the other rooms, the household heartily accompanied me. By the time I was done I had all seven on the bed with me. No picture of that, though!