Kitties And Cream

two cats eating whipped cream

Kitties and Cream

The girls get their Christmas morning breakfast treat—a dollop of whipped cream on a fancy dish! A little bit can’t hurt, and Kelly asked so nicely I could hardly refuse. Besides, I had some in my coffee and it just wouldn’t be polite not to share.

Snuggled All Safe in Their Bed

four black cats on afghan

Snuggled All Safe in Their Bed

Merry Christmas from the Big Four lined up and snuggling on the wool afghan at the foot of the bed, dreaming of catnip toys and birdwatching and what to do with that big white raw thing in the refrigerator.

It’s Mr. Sunshine curled on the left, Jelly Bean and Mewsette curled together and Giuseppe curled on the right. Not only are they heart-warmingly adorable, they are showing their usual skills for composition, nearly symmetrical but not quite so, just perfect if you ask me.

Not even the best flash is any match for all that black fur and the mostly black afghan underneath, all in evening room light, but I hope the details are large enough to see.