Can’t I Get Any Privacy?

black cat bathing on bed

Don't Look!

But Jelly Bean, your little white thong is so cute. And you’re the one who decided to expose yourself in the middle of the bed.


The other three of the Big Four seem to be featured more often than JB, and I’m not sure why. He’s just terminally cute for some reason I can’t define, but it’s hard to catch his cuteness and his LOUD PURRR in a photo.

black cat on windowsill

Jelly Bean Strolls the Windowsill

It could be his looks. I always remind him that he’s made out of spare parts. Unlike his siblings who are all big and long-legged and graceful, he’s the smallest of them with somewhat short legs and little paws like his mom, and a rather rounded body, surprising since he was so scrawny as a kitten I was concerned about him.


He’s the only one of the four who has any significant white as well, my little Jellicle Cat. They all have a few white hairs here and there, and for some reason they all have white hairs in their ears, but Jelly Bean has actual white brushes, his “old man ear hairs”. Then there’s that non-committal smear of white hairs on his chest that I sometimes call his clerical collar when he’s looking particularly serious. He even has white hairs in his armpits.

And you can’t miss the big white triangle on his belly, especially when he lays back and spread his legs to wash it! And he doesn’t understand why I take his picture!

But he is the charmer of the group—he has a habit of batting his eyelashes over those big green eyes with a look that’s hard to resist, and even before his eyes were open he’d toddle to the door of the cage they were in and face my direction and purr happily. He’s also been the one to officially greet the two new kitties who’ve come here since the family has joined me; he’ll be a great nanny cat to fosters.

Here’s one photo of him that’s good for a laugh, a really lucky shot of him admiring himself in the hand mirror in the bathroom while it was being remodeled. I actually offer this one as a print and on a tote bag; check my Etsy shop for details.

photo of cat looking in mirror

God, I'm Cute