Kelly Really Sleeping

tortoiseshell cat curled sleeping

Kelly Really Sleeping

Unlike some other cats who tend to stretch and go limp the deeper they fall into sleep, Kelly curls tighter and tighter, finishing with turning her head and wrapping her paws around whatever she can.

With a tortoiseshell’s coat markings all speckled and mixed up as they are you can’t always tell what’s going on when you look at her, but she’s pretty much got her hind legs under her head and her tail wrapped around under her back, sleeping on my lap.

Steeler the Tortie Steelers Fan

steeler the tortie cat

Steeler the Steelers Fan! photo by her person, Bernie Sherwood Tracy

Since everyone knows what a solid Steelers fan I am (noted with sarcasm), you may be surprised that I’m recruiting not only for a friend’s certain tortoiseshell kitty named Steeler to get the most votes on a website, but also to have torties recognized as Steelers fans for both their black and gold fur AND their DEE-fense-ive purrsonalities.

A friend of mine posted her tortie cat named Steeler on the WTAE website for the Steelers-Ravens game predicting ravens falling all over Heinz Field, and since then Steeler’s been viewed 7,302 times already! Let’s make her a star! And Steeler has also made Steelers fans out of a few otherwise non-committal humans.

And anyone who’s familiar with the distinct personality of any tri-colored cat will know that they come with a warning about methods of handling—our lovely girls (and the very occasional guy) can be very unpredictable with a no-holds-barred approach at defense (though they may not be the best team players).

The very best user-submitted photos and videos from the u local community. Scroll down to “best of u photos” to see Steeler’s image, or visit her photo page directly. (You can also find Steeler here, but this page only has 263 votes—let’s keep racking them up on the big one!)

And while you’re at it, visit another friend’s photo, Stirfry.  By Stirfry’s expression you’ll see the clearest defensive tactic known to torties.

And you can also visit “Tortie Cats Anonymous” on The Conscious Cat, a community of people owned by tortoiseshell cats who correspond in comments on a blog post.

Fans of other teams may keep their allegiances, but recognize that the tortie black and gold and attitude are beyond your control!