Winter Reflections

tortoiseshell cat napping in the sun

Naptime for Cookie

Every 18-year-old kitty deserves to nap in the sun on the table  curled into an old flannel bathrobe.

Why do I have a bathrobe on my kitchen table? Doesn’t every cat owner have some sort of feline comfort area on their table? Actually, it was a pile of warm laundry at first, and as I folded it with kitties burrowing into the pile I laid aside the bathrobe and several immediately settled on it. How dare I consider moving it. Might as well let them get as much cat hair as they want on it so I can watch it again.

Perhaps those outdoor kitties who wander around my yard and on my porches see how nice it is indoors.

Might make a nice painting. Please, I need to create another day in the week for me, just for me.