Cookie’s Ready to Start Baking

tortie cats with apples in a pan

Cookie's ready to start baking!

Good, let her peel those apples and pears!

Cookie continues her kitchen exploits as I get things ready to make an apple and pear crisp this morning.

Cookie did what most cats do when they want to be a part of something you’re doing—she sat on the nearest piece of reading material, in this case the big old binder of copied and handwritten recipes I keep. I know she’s unaware she’s hanging off the counter, but I don’t think she really cares, she’s ready for action! I could just picture the fruit and enamel pan suddenly flying into the air as Cookie and the cookbook headed for the floor. Didn’t stop me from grabbing my camera first, though.

tortie cat sleeping on cookbook

Cookie naps on the cookbook.

She fell asleep long before the crisp was done, though, enjoying a nice nap in the warm sunny kitchen. I used a different recipe, mostly from memory. Heaven forbid I move her when she’s settled.

five cats in the kitchen

Five cats just hanging around.

She set a bad example for all the others, though, as they all gathered around the counter where I work; Kelly is on the refrigerator  and Mewsette is on one of the cabinets. I also ended up working on a very small space next to my sink since every time I turned around there was a different arrangement of cats on the counter and table and I felt black cat hairs wouldn’t take the place of the raisins I thought I had. Cookie, though blurry, looks a little annoyed at the others taking a part of her turf.

Actually, we all had a lovely morning in the kitchen as I made the crisp and finished putting things away into the new cabinet I’d moved in the night before. There’s something about a weekend morning kitchen that’s welcoming and comforting with a warm oven, fresh baked goods, watching the birds outside, just spending some relaxed time. I enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen as working with my hands is usually a prelude to creative work, and I’ve always  noticed that whenever I spend time cooking or baking, listening to a recorded book or singing along with the radio all the cats have always joined me. It’s a wonderful memory.

Later I had a nice warm piece of the crisp and Kelly shared my vanilla ice cream.

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4 Comments on “Cookie’s Ready to Start Baking”

  1. Amby says:

    Of course, COOKIE is going to be involved in the culinary exploits… especially anything involving baking. I’m glad to see that she is willing to share the kitchen (and you) with the others.

    • animalartist says:

      Amby, giving cats food names might influence their interests–or perhaps the food names were appropriate to begin with! Cookie chose her name, so I have to figure this was destined.

  2. Kimberly Helgeson says:

    Thank you!

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